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More than the Northern Lights in Norway- Things to do!

Curious to anxious to ecstatic was the progression of the state of my mind as I got closer to the date of my flight to Norway. Read my previous blog for an abbreviated version of my experience in Norway. I was wrapping up my work until the last minute, oblivious to the fact that I was… Continue reading More than the Northern Lights in Norway- Things to do!

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Why are People in Norway so Happy?

After a failed attempt at chasing the Northern Lights in Alaska last year, this was my second venture. Apart from expecting to see the Northern Lights in Norway, I was extremely curious to know more about what made it the second happiest country in the world as per the UN's World Happiness Report. I thought of… Continue reading Why are People in Norway so Happy?

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A Weekend Getaway to Long Beach, WA

After my Norway trip, I just got busy catching up with work, writing about the amazing Northern lights chase (Blog coming soon) and also recovering from the trip hangover.  It wasn't long before that I was already exploring my weekend getaway options :D. I was actually zooming through google maps where I saw a vast… Continue reading A Weekend Getaway to Long Beach, WA

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A not so laid-back Weekend!

After a stressful work week, I was really looking forward to an easygoing weekend without spending much. Being broke was a stimulant in this decision making! TGIF  I and my friend Chetan decided to take the bus and wander around the city after we got off work on Friday. We rode the bus (550 leaves from… Continue reading A not so laid-back Weekend!

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My Schengen Visa Experience!

My Norway trip was not an easy one. It all started right with my visa interview process. This was the first time I was applying for a Schengen visa as an adult. I have been to Europe with my parents when I was a kid, so I wasn't really aware of the hassle. When I started… Continue reading My Schengen Visa Experience!

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Bainbridge Island, perfect for a date!

I love the variety that Puget Sound has to offer. Taking a small walk to Sculpture park with some coffee or wine or food and watching a sunset also counts for a good date idea. A walk on Pier 66 to get a view of Mt Rainer, Elliott Bay and the Ferris Wheel all in one while smoking… Continue reading Bainbridge Island, perfect for a date!

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New Year in Taiwan!

I would honestly like to start by saying that Taiwan is an absolute surprise. Check out my previous blog for a very abridged version of the experience in Taiwan. We had to cancel our Bali tickets due to Mt Agung eruption so we got a round trip for around $1500 from Seattle to Taiwan Non-stop… Continue reading New Year in Taiwan!

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Sunset in Seattle

I moved to Seattle last year in April when summer had just started. Back then I didn't really appreciate the summer as much as I do now. People did warn me and told me to enjoy as much as I can until the city is back to its default gloomy weather. As time went by,… Continue reading Sunset in Seattle

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“Surprise” 8 times I felt in Taiwan!

Taiwan was pretty much a last-minute trip for us. We had planned for Bali to celebrate the New Year. However, due to Mt Agung eruption, we had to cancel our plans. We started looking for other options as we only had two weeks left for cancelling Bali flight and deciding on another place. Since our… Continue reading “Surprise” 8 times I felt in Taiwan!

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Exploring the Winter Wonderland, Fairbanks!

A trip that was supposed to be about Northern lights, exploring the winter wonderland turned out to be so much more than just that. Fairbanks, a small city with the population of only 33,000. We never imagined to make friends in this city, nor did we expect people to be so amazing, friendly and welcoming.… Continue reading Exploring the Winter Wonderland, Fairbanks!