Texas, USA

Yes, you can enjoy Texas in a day!!

After our fabulous cruise experience, we knew we were going to have withdrawals and were going to miss it. A completely unplanned day that started from searching for a breakfast place turned into a whole day Texas expedition. 

Breakfast in Houston

Since we reached at around 7:00 am in the morning, we decided to get a nice breakfast. To our bad luck, none of the restaurants were open at that time so we decided to drive to Houston to get some breakfast and so we drove to Laredo taquerias: an authentic Mexican breakfast place, with my Mexican friend.

Lunch in San Antonio

We decided to check out San Antonio since we were already in Houston. I was going to be moving to Seattle, Washington in a week so I basically wanted to soak every part of Texas before leaving. And within 2 hours we were at San Antonio right on time for lunch :D. A beautiful lunch near the river walk was just perfect. San Antonio is known for its beautiful Riverwalk which has a wide range of restaurants, bars, stores, hotel etc. 

Drinks in Austin

Then we decided to go to Austin to meet my friend’s sister for some drinks and there we were in an hour and a half at Austin for some drinks and smokes. It was a great time hanging out with a bunch of Austinites and it always is. Austin is the best city in Texas      (after Dallas:D). After two drinks, we realized we had a 3-hour drive back to Texas and were dreading it. However, I had to get back to work the next day. So we decided to hit the road and get our asses back to Dallas.

A Chill night in Dallas

When we finally made it to Dallas we decided to celebrate it by having a drink at our favorite restaurant Sherlocks in Addison. That’s the place where it all started….

But it was pretty insane to drive four different cities in a day- Galveston, Houston, San-Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. We sure were dead by the time we reached home dreading work the next day.



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