A Road trip to New Mexico!!

We all look forward to long weekends in the USA craving for a much-needed break. When I was Living in Texas, we girls decided to take a road trip to New Mexico on Labor day weekend (Which is a long weekend in the USA) after a busy work schedule to get on the road and explore the wide stretch of Texan land leading us to New Mexico and White Sands.

Day 1: Amarillo

We decided to leave Dallas after work around 5 PM. Our first stop was Amarillo which is a 4 hrs drive from Dallas. We decided to stay there for a night. Near Amarillo, there are a couple of things to check out like Cadillac Ranch, Palo Duro Canyon which is only an hour away from Amarillo. What I really love about Texas is you will find quirky places around the corners. We stopped at Coyotes bluff cafe for some burgers a definite recommendation for burger lovers. 

Cadillac Ranch!
Everything is huge in Texas! At Big Texan…
At Big Texan
Monkeying around in our hats.
Cadillac Ranch
Some more
Creating Memories!
Coyote Bluff Cafe
Some more monkeying!!


Day 2: Santa Fe

We then left from Amarillo for another 3 hrs drive to Santa Fe New Mexico on route 66. We first stopped at Tee pee curious to buy some cool quirky handmade articles like coasters, fridge magnets, crafts etc. Santa Fe is a pretty, artsy small town. You will find many art galleries in the most unexpected locations. Canyon Road is an art district where you will see the art display by various artists. We walked through oldest house museum and around Old Santa fe trail where you also see South Capitol. The Plaza is a historic landmark in Santa fe which reminds you of Spanish-American colonies.  You will find street shopping and exhibit showcasing around the palace of the governors. After checking out the area which is pretty small and cute we decided to have some dinner at Del Charro. It’s a Mexican restaurant and its house-made beer battered poblano pepper is to die for. As you walk down the streets of Santa Fe you will come across all the quirky artsy buildings and areas that are picturesque.

Tee pee Curios!
Random store in NM
Randomness part 1
Randomness part 2
Canyon Road, NM
loving every bit of NM
Some more random Art on our way!
to the beautiful night…
Randomness near the plaza
South Capitol
Plaza, NM
Some more!
More art on Canyon Road


Day 3: White Sands

We left for white sands which are another 4 hrs to the south of Albuquerque. The white sands national monument closes around 6:00 PM and we were just on time before closing from where we could enjoy the gorgeous sunset. We mostly spent time sliding down the sand and clicking pictures and enjoying the sunset. We camped near white sands which were pretty close to the monument. We bought some food and marshmallows from Walmart which was at 5 mins distance from our campground and set up our campfire and enjoyed the night under stars.

On our drive to White Sands
White Sands!!
Waiting for sunset
Loved clicking pictures here…
And it’s time for sunset 🙂


Drive back to Dallas was 8 hrs, so we took our time taking the scenic route via hobbes and carlsbad on our way back. If you take this route don’t forget to stop at La Parilla Mexican restaurant. We stopped at monks coffeehouse in abilene texas a definitely recommended coffee shop for coffee lovers. 

Some clicks on our way back to Texas:

Some authentic Mexican food!! 😀


A Little bit of heaven!
Some more heaven!

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