A Road trip to Arkansas

When I was in Dallas – Arkansas, Austin, San Antonio were our weekend getaways. Arkansas is a 5hrs drive away from Dallas, TX and is a very beautiful drive. This blog is about one of those amazing weekend getaway trip we took after a hectic work schedule for a dose of some nature.

Day 1: Lake Catherine State Park

We left in the evening around 6:30 PM to Arkansas. After a wonderful drive, we stopped at Lake Catherine State Park in Hotsprings. It’s a secluded state park which offers boating, hiking, barbeque, waterfront cabins etc.

image_3 (1)
The drive to Catherine Lake

image_2 (4)

Our Cabin!
image_1 2
Some Fooood!!
Pretty view from cabin

image_2 (1)image_4image_3

Day 2: Ozark National Park

First stop: Shallow Falls

We drove to Ozark national park which is around 2 hrs drive from Lake Catherine state park. On our way, we stopped at Spadra Creek Nature Trail for a small walk. From there we decided to check out Shallow Falls. To get to this point you need a strong sturdy vehicle like ATV or 4 WD to be able to road raft to the falls. It’s about 1 hr of road rafting to get to the falls. You get to a point where you cannot drive any further and that’s where the falls are at. This hidden fall is totally worth the drive. 

image_1 (1)
A small trail in Spadra Creek
image_1 (2)
Some shenanigans on our way!

image_1image_2 (1)image_4 (1)

image_4 (2)
On our way to Shallow Falls

image_3 (9)

image_3 (2)

image_3 (3)
Shallow Falls

image_2image_1 (4)image_1 (3)image_5 (3)image_5 (2)image_2 (3)

Second Stop: Haw Creek Falls recreation area

This is a camp ground near Hagarville that has back trail and waterfall called Haw Creek Falls in the middle of a hardwood forest. This is the most accessible trail of all the trails in the National Forest. You can spend your day here by camping and barbequing or by taking a dip in the water.

image_3 (4)
Haw Creek Falls

image_4 (4)image_3image_5 (4)

Third Stop: Big Piney Creek Bridge

This is a bridge right next to Haw Creek Falls campground. What’s surprising here is the turquoise water near this bridge. To find something like that in Arkansas was mindblowing.

image_1 (5)
The Big Piney Creek Bridge

image_1 (6)image_3 (1)image_3 (5)image_2 (5)image_4 (5)

Fourth Stop: Glory hole Falls

Although it’s 1.8 miles of a downhill trail, so hike out is all uphill. Water falls through a hole into a deep grotto. Water is super cold but had to get under it after a long walk 😀

image_2 (6)
The Grotto
image_3 (6)
Glory Hole Falls


After our day of hiking and road rafting, we grabbed some dinner at El Puerto Mexican Restaurant. There are very few restaurant options near Ozark it being a small town. We were staying at Quality Inn in Ozark for the night. It was cheap and close to Hot Springs Village which was perfect for our next day stop.

Day 3: Hot springs village

It’s an hour away from Ozark national forest. Hotsprings downtown is a small historic town. You will find hot springs, restaurants, coffee shops, ghost tours etc over here. It’s a famous tourist area. We grabbed some lunch at Coham’s which is famous for its corn bread and indulged in some ice cream at Kilwin’s Hot Springs. You will find a variety of stores and restaurants to choose from. I would suggest going to Grand Promenade, Bathhouse Row, Garvan Woodland Gardens.

image_1 (7)
Some Randomness in the Village.

Next stop: Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita is only 20 mins away from Hot Springs Village. If you go directly to the lake, you will see the camp ground where you can camp and enjoy kayaking. However, after a short stop here, we decided to go to Mountain Pine where you get a better view of the lake and also has an access to get into the water through stairs.

image_3 (8)
Mountain Pine
image_5 (6)
Lake Ouachita from Camp site
image_4 (6)
Lake Ouachita from Campsite

image_4 (7)image_2 (8)image_2 (7)image_1 (8)

image_2 (9)
stair way to the lake from Mountain Pine
image_5 (8)
Lake access from Mountain Pine

image_3 (7)image_5 (7)

After Spending some time over here, we left from Arkansas for our drive back to Texas. Arkansas has always been pleasant in terms of weather, nature and drive and we always enjoyed driving here 🙂

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