Pacific Northwest, USA, Washington

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

When I first moved to Seattle, I had two weeks to explore before I started working. Settling in didn’t take much time, I was more excited about exploring the city. After looking up I found out about Skagit Valley tulip festival and its one of the most famous and a must see festival. Tulips start blooming here from April. It’s about an hour drive from Seattle downtown to Skagit in Mt Vernon. Skagit is a pretty small town away from the city. People from all over the World come here to see the tulips.

When you arrive at Skagit downtown, they give you a map of the valley where you can actually see the tulips. The two points of attraction are Roosengard and Tulip town which is about 10-15 mins drive from Skagit downtown. My first stop was Roosengard which is bigger and has a wide stretch of land covered with beautiful colors of the tulips. You can park in the lot right in front of the area. The entrance fee is around $15 at Roosengard.

At the entrance of Roosengard
You are welcomed with these beauties!

image_4 (1)image_3image_3 (2)image_3 (1)image_5 (1)image_4image_5image_2 (2)image_2 (1)

My next stop was Tulip town. It’s comparatively smaller than Roosengard. However, along with tulips they also have an art exhibition, barbeques, wine gardens etc and the entrance fee is $15. They also have street fair and details can be found on

image_1 (2)

And after you are done checking out the Tulip festival, I would highly recommend driving to La Conner waterfront which is around 13 mins away from the Skagit Valley. LaConner water-front is a Victorian-era village where you will find good restaurants, coffee shops, stores to shop from, museums. You can enjoy an evening dinner at La Conner water-front cafe with a dessert in the Calico Cupboard Old town cafe where they have a variety of fresh-baked cookies and pastries. It’s easy to find street parking here, so you can just park and walk on the streets to enjoy this small village.

image_5 (2)
The La Conner water-front

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