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Pikes Market Things to do!

image_2 (2)
A rare view at night, when the streets are quiet!


I was just in time for Seattle’s summer which I have heard is what people longed for after 8 months of rain and gloom. I had two weeks to myself before I could resume work. I spent some time arranging and decorating my new apartment and making it my new home and the other half of was spent exploring.

In my experience, I came across some places and things to do if you are not from Seattle and visiting for the first time 🙂

Seattle city is famous for Pikes place market as we all know. It has the first Starbucks and many other small renowned eateries to try food from.

Fav Eats in pikes

  • Piroshky for some delicious baked food
  • Kells Irish bar for some Irish beer and Chicken Pasty
  • The Pink door for some great Italian food with a view 😉
  • La pannier for their mouth-watering pistachio eclairs, croquettes and macaroons
  • Beecher’s handmade cheese for some grilled cheese.
  • Pikes place chowder in Post Alley for some smoked salmon and crab oyster chowder
  • The Crumpet shop has the most amazing varieties of crumpets and options to choose from. Do try their Pesto, parmesan cheese and tomato crumpet, Green egg, and smoked salmon crumpet.
  • Treat yourself with a good view and breakfast in Lowell’s inside Pikes Market.
  • Brunch at Can Can Cabaret is one of my favorite thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday. This is the only place where you can enjoy a good breakfast with some entertainment and information on Seattle’s history.
image_5 (2)
First Starbucks
image_2 (3)
My Fav 😀

image_2 (1)2image_4 (1)


image_3 (3)image_4 (3)image_1 (1)

The other things to do near pikes that I found interesting were

  1. Gum wall in the alleyway in downtown Seattle. This wall is covered with chewed gum. You can also buy gum from the nearby store to stick one on the wall 😉
  2. Check out the waterfront area on the Alaskan way which has a wide variety of Restaurants, shopping centers, Ferris wheel, Seattle Aquarium, clippers to Victoria leave from here, Sculpture park.
  3. Sculpture park has an amazing view of Mt Rainier on a sunny day and is good for long walks.
  4. Seattle Ferris Wheel costs around $25 per person and goes on for around 20-30 mins.
  5. Rachels ginger beer in Post alley serves a variety of flavors of ginger beer and they are delicious.
  6. If you walk straight on pikes, you should see Occidental park near west lake avenue. You can spend your time reading a book or playing chess and table tennis or trying out the food trucks that the park has to offer.



  1. IMG_1736 5.20.58 PM
    At the kell’s

    IMG_1737 5.20.58 PMIMG_1739 5.20.58 PMIMG_1742 5.20.58 PMIMG_1743

    West lake avenue is the shopping center of Seattle and has a variety of stores such as ROSS, forever 21, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Barneys, Zara, LOFT and much more. The area is pretty lively with music, restaurants, and bars.

    Some more pictures!

Some Music outside the market
And that view is totally worth it!
Fresh food


image_5 (1)
Gum wall at night

image_1 (2)image_4 (2)


The famous fish market!


Occidental Park



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