The Land Of Happiness, Bhutan…

I had heard a lot about Bhutan and its uniqueness by being the World's last remaining Buddhist Kingdom. After seeing the picture of Tiger's Nest temple, I was sold. It instantly became a part of my bucket list.  On my once in a year India trip, I told my parents that let's take a trip… Continue reading The Land Of Happiness, Bhutan…

Texas, USA

Keeping it Wierd in Austin <3

Austin was our favourite weekend getaway back in Texas. It is a small city, has a younger crowd and much better places for sightseeing, eating, drinking etc. I remember, there were times when we would drive 3hrs straight from Dallas just because we wanted some coffee from Cafe Mozart. The cafe has a beautiful view… Continue reading Keeping it Wierd in Austin ❤

Pacific Northwest, USA

Many views of the Postcard State <3 (Glacier National Park, Montana)

Montana is indeed a photographers paradise. You look around and its surrounded by the beautiful green landscape with snow-covered mountains and lakes. We decided to take a road trip to Montana from Seattle which is around 8hrs of a drive. You basically drive on I-5 through Idaho and Montana. This was the most fun drive.… Continue reading Many views of the Postcard State ❤ (Glacier National Park, Montana)