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Sunset in Seattle

I moved to Seattle last year in April when summer had just started. Back then I didn’t really appreciate the summer as much as I do now. People did warn me and told me to enjoy as much as I can until the city is back to its default gloomy weather. As time went by, winter was here and so was the gloom and rain. Something that stood out was the sunset. Sunset in Seattle just kept getting better with time.

The first time I actually noticed it was on one fine day when I was hungover and needed some coffee. So I stepped out of the apartment at around 5:00PM and voila!!

I ran to the pier after seeing this gorgeous shade of Pink, Sunset from Pier66


Pier 66 rooftop park is my most favourite place to watch the sunset. My friend managed to get some really amazing pictures of many colours of sunset in Seattle. Hope you enjoy them!

On a clear day, we are blessed with this beautiful view of Mt Rainier from anywhere in Seattle!
You will see lots of boats and ferries from here which makes an even more interesting spot to get good sunset pictures!
The best part is when you manage to capture one of the ferries at the right time!
N O  F I L T E R
I swear, no filters! This is how it looked halfway through the sunset
At Pier66


Sunset at Rosario Head/ Deception Pass Park is another favourite pick to catch a quiet sunset. Located on Whidbey Island this spot is about an hour and a half away from downtown Seattle. You cross Deception Pass State Park on your way to get here. If not sunset, a beautiful drive is definitely a reason enough to visit this place. We got here around 4:00PM and walked towards Rosario Head from where you get the uninterrupted view.

At Rosario Head
This is the perfect spot to chill, talk while enjoying the sunset (especially when you are high :p)
Chasing the sunset!
Another one on Rosario Beach


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