Pacific Northwest, Seattle, USA, Washington

A not so laid-back Weekend!


After a stressful work week, I was really looking forward to an easygoing weekend without spending much. Being broke was a stimulant in this decision making!


I and my friend Chetan decided to take the bus and wander around the city after we got off work on Friday. We rode the bus (550 leaves from Westlake center) that goes to Bellvue downtown, Lincoln square which is 30 mins away from Seattle downtown. This area pretty much reminds me of Dallas downtown. It’s got a variety of restaurants, a mall, and a movie theatre. I was craving for Chicken Biryani, so we grabbed some at Moksha Indian restaurant. They serve decent Indian food.

After dinner, we were checking the bus schedule for our ride back home but we missed it by a few minutes. The bus is at every 40 mins, so we decided to go for a walk in Bellvue Downtown park which is right next to the bus stop. It’s a placid park with a soothing waterfall in the middle, surrounded by trees and soft lights. After we got down at Westlake center, we saw Limebikes right outside. I had recently installed the app after Chetan recommended me, so I had three free rides. We both took our Lime bikes and peddled back to our apartment. I rode a cycle after god knows how many years!

Touristing in Pikes on a Saturday!

Next day as we woke up early, we decided to ride the bike again 😀 This time we went to Pikes market and dropped them at the market entrance. We got ourselves a Breadzel and Mac & Cheese from Beechers. While hunting for fresh watermelons in the market, we stumbled upon a restaurant called Lowell’s. So we decided to get coffee first. After entering the restaurant, we got super tempted by their breakfast menu and the food being prepared right in front of us. We succumbed to the temptation and got ourselves some breakfast and Irish coffee 😀 This restaurant had the classic view of Ferris wheel and Elliott Bay. A view that I just can’t seem to get bored of!

Coffee with a familiar view ❤

After spending the day like a tourist in Pikes, we stayed in and binge-watched some Bollywood movies and spend the evening playing UNO with close friends!

Sunday :/

It was bright and sunny all day but I was in no mood to step out of the apartment. So I worked on my NYC blog. I was contemplating on going to the Quad at the University of Washington to see the cherry blossoms (It’s an every year ritual) but was just super lazy to act on it. By evening, the weather had changed completely. It was all gloomy and about to rain. I get a call from Chetan and we decide on going to the quad before sunset. It had just started to rain. By the time we got there, it was pouring rain and freezing but being in the middle of the bloom was invigorating. On our way back, it started to hail. What a day/weekend!

The Famous Quad at the University of Washington
Finding the perfect place 😀
And so the blossoms fall, and so I gaze, and so I wait for the sun to shine on us all.

Seeing tourists everywhere, reminded me of my first time in Seattle. Being a local in the city, we often tend to underappreciate the things/places that we were once fascinated by because we get so acquainted and busy in our routine. But revisiting those places with a fresh mindset is a familiar new. Be a tourist for the day!

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