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Sunset in Seattle

I moved to Seattle last year in April when summer had just started. Back then I didn't really appreciate the summer as much as I do now that its winter. People did warn me and told me to enjoy as much as I can until the city is back to its default gloomy weather. As… Continue reading Sunset in Seattle

Pacific Northwest, Washington

A quick Seattle Guide!

Places to see and things do! 1) Pikes market 2) Chihuly Garden and glass 3) Pier 66 4) Lazer show in Pacific Science Center, where they have laser show in the dome to the music by some popular artists. 5) In summer/fall, take a stroll in one of the parks in Seattle. 6) Seattle skyline, There… Continue reading A quick Seattle Guide!

Pacific Northwest, USA, Washington

Beautiful Parks in Seattle!

Back in Dallas, I and my roommates celebrated Roommate day every Wednesdays. This was the day where we made a point that no matter what we are doing we would meet up, catch up and do something cool. So we always had something to look forward to on Wednesdays 😀 Mondays especially, after a great… Continue reading Beautiful Parks in Seattle!

Pacific Northwest, USA, Washington

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

When I first moved to Seattle, I had two weeks to settle in before I started working. Settling in didn't take much time and I was more excited about exploring the city. After looking up I found out about Skagit Valley tulip festival and its one of the most famous and a must see festival.… Continue reading Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Pacific Northwest, USA, Washington

Things to do on San Juan Island!

We had two of our friends birthdays and we decided to whisk them away to San Juan island to celebrate it. We left around 5:00 am to catch 6:30 am ferry to San Juan Island. It's an hour drive from Seattle to Anacortes from where all the ferries leave to San Juan County. The ferry… Continue reading Things to do on San Juan Island!

Pacific Northwest

Things to do on Orcas Island, WA!

Washington is gifted with San Juan County which adorns beautiful islands of orcas, San Juans, Lopez etc. Orcas and San Juans being the prominent tourist attractions. My parents were here from India and I decided to take them to Orcas to celebrate my birthday. I took a car2go which was the most convenient option than… Continue reading Things to do on Orcas Island, WA!

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A weekend in Vancouver, BC!!

And inquisitive robot had been busy with new job and getting to know my responsibilities at work. So yes I spent some time being a responsible employee. However, after a whole stressful month and no time for myself it was time to just relax and take a small weekend trip. I recently got my Canadian… Continue reading A weekend in Vancouver, BC!!

Pacific Northwest, Washington

Exploring Olympic National Park, Forks and Cape flattery…

After moving to Seattle, getting back to work life was a challenge. Surrounded with some really intelligent people can get intimidating.  It was a new beginning for me, I was stressed, worried and that just exhausted me. That's when my friend decided to visit me from Dallas on a weekend and we decided to explore… Continue reading Exploring Olympic National Park, Forks and Cape flattery…

Pacific Northwest, USA

A weekend of Lake Diablo and Mt Rainier!

The best thing about Washington is you will never get bored here due to a variety of places to explore within. I had friends over in Seattle from Dallas for 4th of July weekend. I decided to show them around Seattle on day 1 ( please check out Local in Seattle). Day 2: Lake Diablo… Continue reading A weekend of Lake Diablo and Mt Rainier!