This is Me!!


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I am Manali and I am from the beautiful city of Mumbai, India. I am an engineer by profession (based in Seattle). I studied in Dallas (2013-2015) and worked at Amazon for 2 years. So I was in Dallas for about 4 years. After which I was really looking for a change of place and job. After finding a kickass position within the company in Seattle I moved to Seattle in 2017. Pacific Northwest has its own charm and its beautiful nature to simply entice you and amaze you every single day. Finding balance is the key to survival, with a hectic work schedule, traveling is my form of meditation and motivation to do better. So I take my robot to places to remind myself that this is why I love life.

I really wish I could pursue everything I love to do as a profession: art, dance, music, travelling being some of them. I have been travelling since I was a kid. My father is an Air India employee and would always take us with him on his work trips to different countries in the World. As a kid, I have travelled to the most beautiful countries (Paris, Singapore, London and much more). However, the memories are very vague. But the obsession to explore grew up with age and I have been travelling since then, making memories with every experience. And that’s what drove me into starting my own blog to write about my experiences and share them with you. I hope my blog helps in getting a different perspective about the countries I visit and my experiences inspire you to introspect and into doing what really helps in breaking the monotony.

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